New Building Commissioning
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  • Brown University / Aquatics Fitness Center +
  • Brown University / BERT +
  • Paul W. Crowley / East Bay Met Center +
  • Johnson & Wales University / Physician’s Assistant Building +

Stephen Turner Inc. specializes in commissioning, a quality process which ensures, verifies, and documents that a completed project or existing building meets the owner’s needs and expectations. Our services are drawn from a suite of commissioning techniques that are tailored to suit each of our clients’ projects.

At a minimal level of scope, commissioning is required for all green buildings to attain accreditation under the leading green building rating systems. These rating systems give additional credits or points for rising above this minimal level of commissioning.

Many of our clients are institutional owners who require truly comprehensive commissioning for better building performance. We tailor our process and approach to meet our clients’ particular requirements for each project.

Existing building commissioning
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  • West Cambridge Youth and Community Center
  • Robert Healy / Public Safety Facility +
  • Brown University / Sidney Frank Hall +
  • Harvard Business School / Shad Hall +

Existing building commissioning ensures that building and systems are optimized and integrated to meet the current needs of building owners and inhabitants. Our existing building services are typically utilized by clients who are seeking innovative ways to improve the performance and efficiency of their facilities without the need for large capital investments. Stephen Turner Inc. offers project specific existing building commissioning services to assess the performance of building systems to verify proper system function and to identify which systems are using more energy than necessary. Our services allow building maintenance teams to optimize existing maintenance protocol and minimize long-term building maintenance.

Combined with Facility Assessment, our team is able to provide extensive equipment longevity projection, energy expenditure analysis, and overall cost savings analysis.

Facility Assessment
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  • The Kraft Group / Gillette Stadium +
  • NeighborWorks / Stillwater
  • City of Cambridge / Dept. of Public Works

Stephen Turner Inc.’s Facility Assessment services are monitoring-based. Where remote access to comprehensive building automation systems is feasible, allow cost-effective monitoring of indoor environmental and energy related building performance. Monitoring-based commissioning includes remote system monitoring services, energy performance tracking and analysis, and can include planning and implementation of systems improvements.

Monitoring-based commissioning helps ensure the persistence of energy and environmental building performance. Clients often combine monitoring with our Enhanced Operations & Maintenance services into the life cycle of their high performance buildings.

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Today’s high performance buildings, particularly larger buildings, incorporate increasingly complex systems. Stephen Turner Inc. assists owners of High Performance Buildings with operations and maintenance approaches to preserve and enhance building performance. Ensuring that the benefits of these systems and buildings persist requires enhanced operations and maintenance management and execution.

Services include long term capital renewal planning, energy measurement and verification, building-specific enhanced preventive maintenance procedures, energy and indoor environmental information dashboards, integrated facilities management strategies, and client organization capacity building. Our training services complement our Enhanced O&M services to allow clients to incorporate best practices into their facilities operations.

Stephen Turner Inc.’s commissioning services include enhanced Preventive Maintenance planning, procedures, or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) – database software packages for work orders, maintenance schedules, equipment inventory, and service records. Stephen Turner Inc. has first-hand experience with a variety of CMMS programs and their substantial benefits over long periods of time. Our documentation and operations experts offer accessible CMMS strategy and implementation services.

Based on extensive field experience with campus and city-wide inventories, our approach is completely vendor-neutral and entirely client-specific. We’ll work with you to enhance your current implementation, or help find the right solution for your building or portfolio. We have performed equipment inventories, database creation, and ongoing updates. Our persistence coupled with our attention to detail and field experience will drive us to find the most useful solutions to serve your facilities needs and optimize your Operations and Maintenance budget.

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  • City of Cambridge / DPW Engine 8
  • City of Cambridge / DPW Lombardi Building

An energy audit is a systematic approach to problem solving and decision making. The primary goals of an energy audit are to qualify and quantify how building energy systems are performing, how that performance can be improved, and how outcomes of those improvements will benefit the owner in financial and non-financial terms.

Energy audits vary in scope, depending on the configuration of the building energy system, the project parameters set by the client, and capabilities offered by the energy auditor. Due to a wide variance in the industry as to what is included in an energy audit, the American Society of Heat, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) defined three levels of energy audits;

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Stephen Turner Inc. is committed to providing our relevant technical expertise during the COVID-19 novel coronavirus crisis. We stand ready to help the community with our technical knowledge of approaches to improving indoor air quality upon request, regardless of ability to pay. Our expertise is in medium to large size institutional, research, educational, commercial, and multi-family buildings, complexes, and campuses.

Many commercial building spaces have been fully or largely vacated until the COVID-19 infection rates are under control in the United States. Many buildings, especially critical public facilities, are still in operation. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is or will be of concern in every building space whether currently in use or not. Whether for immediate need or as building spaces are reoccupied, our buildings’ ventilation systems require prudent consideration of upgraded systems and related operating policies. Our experienced technical team’s extensive technical and building operating insights are available to building owners, operators and managers regardless of their organization’s ability to pay.