Harvard University

Shad Hall

'Awesome!!!. . . [Stephen Turner Inc.]. . .did a great job at Shad - very efficient and thorough - so I hope there is an opportunity for us to collaborate in the future, you have been a pleasure to work with.'' - Assistant Director, Sustainability and Energy Management, Harvard Business School

Stephen Turner Inc. was retained by the Harvard Business School to provide complete retrocommissioning services at Shad Hall. The 120,250 square foot mixed use facility was completed in 1990 and includes gymnasium, recreational, office, and data center uses. The retrocommissioning team investigated and benchmarked energy use and optimized the operation of existing energy systems. The team focused on the existing energy recovery systems, waste heat recovery from the cogeneration system, and the operating condition of the existing pneumatic control devices.

Stephen Turner Inc. provided retrocommissioning services from 2013 to 2014 to meet LEED Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) commissioning requirements. Stephen Turner Inc. implemented a five-step retrocommissioning process that satisfied the requirements of an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit as well as LEED-EB O&M Energy & Atmosphere prerequisites 1-3 and credits 1 and 2.1- 2.3. The commissioned systems included air handling units, steam to hot water heat exchangers, heat hot water distribution systems, chilled water distribution systems, air handling units and energy recovery, 75kW Tecogen cogeneration system, 35kW roof mounted photovoltaic system, pneumatic and DDC controls, and energy metering systems.

Stephen Turner Inc. performed comprehensive temporary datalogging due to the limited monitoring capabilities of the existing controls. The final implementation plan included immediate corrective action items and capital improvement project recommendations including control valve and ductwork repairs, new chilled water metering, and upgraded air-to-air energy recovery. Stephen Turner Inc. also provided recommendations regarding the space allocations in Shad Halls Portfolio Manager Account and compliance with LEED EB O&M EAp2 for Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance. Implementation of all recommendations was estimated to reduce energy use by a total of 17% (2.7 million kBtu) and save approximately $80,000 annually when compared to current energy use. Stephen Turner Inc. also provided an electronic Systems Manual to help improve the ongoing operation and maintenance of Shad Hall. The Systems Manual compiled all findings, recommendations, and critical information into one user-friendly electronic file.