Brown University

Sydney Frank Hall

This Life Sciences facility is a five-story building that received LEED Silver certification when built in 2006. The building exemplifies the University's commitment to energy efficiency and high-performance design.

Five years after initial construction, Stephen Turner Inc. was hired to perform limited recommissioning services and black-out testing for this multi-purpose research facility. The recommissioning focused on critical power systems, which include campus utility connections, double-ended switchgear, shunt/trip switches, current limiting sequences on centrifugal chillers, and extensive emergency power busswork for research equipment.

Recommissioning of the emergency power systems identified and helped resolve numerous issues with the generator, switchgear, breakers, uninterruptible power supplies, and building automation system sequences and setpoints. The University now has renewed confidence in the ability of the extensive critical systems in this building to support researchersê needs in the event of power loss or other failure scenarios.