Brown University

Metcalf Chemistry Complex/Mind Brain & Behavior Building

This building provides. . .a new energy and excitement that catapults us. . .into a different level. - Sheila Blumstein, Professor, Brown University

The Metcalf Chemistry Laboratory and the Metcalf Research Laboratory are part of the larger Metcalf complex (totaling four buildings). Brown University renovated 74,000 square feet in this complex in 2011 to create new interdisciplinary space for the recently merged Departments of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and the Department of Psychology. All existing mechanical, electrical and life safety infrastructure were upgraded or replaced.

Stephen Turner Inc. provided comprehensive services beyond that required for LEED fundamental & enhanced commissioning. The commissioned systems included LEED-required HVAC and energy recovery systems, domestic hot water, lighting, and associated controls. In addition, the electrical power, natural gas booster pump, comprehensive metering systems, and district utility modifications were incorporated into the commissioning effort.

In addition to obtaining LEED-NC Gold certification, Brown University required the project to achieve at least 25% energy reductions compared to current energy codes. This was achieved by utilizing energy recovery systems as well as daylight harvesting and dimming. Commissioning of the building systems, controls, and campus utility connections helped the University achieve its sustainability and related building performance goals for this project.