Nwbrv Meadows 1

NeighborWorks BRV

Meadows Apartments

STI's retro-commissioning work included baseline utility benchmarking which allowed us to prove conclusively that our system was working efficiently. In addition, Stephen and his staff set up the framework so we could continue energy use monitoring and perform the data analysis in-house. That data drives our decision making and continues to pay dividends. - Christian Calderone, Deputy Director, NWBRV

Stephen Turner Inc. provided retrocommissioning (RetroCx) and related services at The Meadows, an affordable senior housing complex in North Smithfield, Rhode Island for NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley (NeighborWorks BRV). This two-story complex was built in 2007 and includes geothermal HVAC systems and other advanced energy efficiency features.

After Stephen Turner Inc. analyzed and benchmarked building energy use, the retrocommissioning and field investigations focused on the geothermal heat pumps and other energy and water efficient building systems. Significant performance issues with the geothermal system controls as well as well water quality issues were addressed. Since there are no isolating heat exchangers, the groundwater is circulated to each water-to-air heat pump throughout the complex. Working with the facility operators and the maintenance contractors, Stephen Turner Inc. helped NeighborWorks BRV address maintenance and operational issues and realize the potential of the energy-saving features. Improvements to operating procedures, controls, and other energy saving opportunities were identified and implemented.

Along with this retrocommissioning work, Stephen Turner Inc. provided planning services to help sustain the value of facility assets. Stephen Turner Inc. investigated the well water quality issues and helped NeighborWorks BRV work with the geothermal contractor to improve filtration, monitoring, and control of the geothermal system. Quarterly preventive maintenance procedures were developed and documented, both for the operators and the maintenance contractors. To help protect the physical assets represented by the building systems, the remaining service life and replacement costs were projected for major HVAC equipment. These Asset Protection services included Capital Needs and Life Expectancy Projections that were developed for NeighborWorks BRV to assist in planning for future capital needs.