Abbot Mill 1

Yule Development Co. Inc.

Abbot Mill Multi-Family Housing

Stephen Turner Inc. provided retrocommissioning services for the Abbot Mill historical restoration project. The main objective of the original renovation was to preserve the historical context of the building while developing an energy efficient modern living environment.

The renovation of this 1870’s mill complex provided 131 loft-style apartments. This unique mill restoration project features energy efficient systems such as 20,000 square feet of roof mounted solar panels as well as canal-source heat pump systems for heating and cooling.

These systems utilize the canal that flows under the mill, originally powering a large generator for the complex, as the thermal source for a closed loop heat pump exchange system. In fall and spring, heat rejected from air-conditioned spaces is used to heat cold areas of the building.

Stephen Turner Inc. provided retrocommissioning consulting services for the owner to improve system operation and energy efficiency. Stephen Turner Inc. worked with the owner to identify system alterations, controls upgrades, and new control sequences for more efficient system operation.